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Welcome to our Y Service website. Here you will find valuable information about our Hawaii Region, US Area and International Y Service Clubs. You will especially learn about the exciting and dynamic activities of our Region’s programs and services. If you are a Y Service Member visiting our site or islands, please leave us an email message. We would love to hear from you. From all the members of the Hawaii Region Y Service Clubs, we say Mahalo nui loa . . . . thank you very much for visiting us.
Phil Sammer, Regional Director Hawaii, 2018-2020
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Hawaii Regional Bulletin: Our quarterly issue of the 2018-2019 Hawaii Regional Bulletin, now called Ku'i Ka Pahu or Beat the Drum, is out, edited by Melanie Ka'aihue Yoshida. You can get a copy if you click here or on the image at left. Lots of news and some important dates in the calendars.

The Latest Hawaii Region Club Bulletins: Central August 2018. Nuuanu July. Windward June 2018. Hilo September. Kaimuki July. West Oahu February. Kalihi January. Club bulletins as far back as 2006 are available via Hawaii Club Bulletins in the menu at left.

Registration Form 2019 Convention
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Registration Form 2019 Convention

Photo Album On View Now: Pictures of the 82nd Convention of the Hawaii Region of Y Service Clubs International
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To get a full-size copy of the above photo CLICK HERE

YW75, Youth World, Now Available:
YS75, the latest issue of Y Service Clubs International's Youth World magazine, is now available for download or viewing here. The main emphasis for this month is our Time of Fast—Global Project Fund (TOF-GPF) month. Just click on the image at left to see it.;

YW74, Youth World, Now Available:
YS74, the latest issue of Y Service Clubs International's Youth World magazine, is now available for download or viewing here. There is some interesting information about how the Area India youth are helping the relief efforts for the 2018 Kerala flooding. Just click on the image at left to see it.;

YMCA of Honolulu Healthy Kids Day 2018. Despite some of the foulest weather the island has seen,. hundreds came out to YMCA Camp Erdman on Oahu's North Shore to have fun on the equipment and to gobble up the shave ice produced by the Y Service Clubs Metro District. Click on the photo to go to a photo album.

Nuuanu Book and Bread Sale. Nuuanu Y's Men and Women's Club had a very successful bread and book sale on Saturday
April 7. Cinnamon bread for $5 a loaf and all kinds of great books at various prices. in the pictures below: Cheryl Dacus and Celine Allouchery with satisfied customer Mile Broderick, president and CEO of YMCA of Honolulu. On the right, the Nuuanu club's team taking a breather. Club President Maurice Shimonishi had these comments: Book Sale – a product that sells itself! The buyers are happy as they give gifts from their heart. Nuuanu made $800 from the book sale — no selling by any members. A big box was left out a month before the sale announcing the coming event and saying donatio0ns of books gladly accepted, On sale day members out all the books on tables. Members did no selling — the books did the selling themselves. We left with $300 after which we put up a sign "please make your donation to the service center saturday afternoon, Sunday, Monday morning. We got another $500, a total of $800 for the book sale. Try it. You ay like the results. PS: If you hold your sale after us we would gladly give you the 14 boxes of unsold books.

Phil Sammer
A Message from Our Regional Director:
Phil Sammer
(at left), with the unanimous blessing of the Hawaii Regional Counselors has agreed to step in, effective immediately, as our new Regional Director Elect 2017-2018 to serve as RD (2018-2020) beginning on the last day of the Hawaii Region Convention in Hilo on May 6. Sharon Ishida had asked to step-down, if a replacement can be found, due to personal reasons. Phil, as part of the succession plan to succeed Sharon as RD in 2020-2022, had graciously consented to move-up his term to step-in for Sharon.
Phil is one of our most active veteran leaders in the Hawaii Region serving 2 terms as RD in 2002-2003 & 2006-2008 and is no stranger to those outside of Hawaii serving as Area President/International Council Member in 2009-2011. He will have the privilege of working closely with
Bobby Stivers-Apiki when Bobby steps in as Area President Elect in July and Area president in 2019.
On such short notice, Phil knows he has his work cut out for him setting his goals and putting his team together and I encourage you all to rise to the occasion when Phil comes calling on you.
Congratulations Phil… please know that you have all our blessings and the full support of the Hawaii Region.
Eddie Miwa, Regional Director, Hawaii Region, U.S. Area Y Service Clubs International.

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Windward Plant Sale: Windward Y Service Club held a big plant sale at Windward YMCA on Saturday, February 3. Lots of work went into preparation and running the event and all plants were donated. Proceeds will go to the Windward Y Annual Support Campaign. To see photos of the advance work and the sale click on the image at left.

YMCA Annual Campaign. About 225 people attended the kickoff of the YMCA of Honolulu's 2018 fund-raising campaign at a brunch January 27 at Honolulu Country Club. Y Service Clubs play a significant role in this effort, now called simply Annual Campaign. To see an album of photos from the kickoff click here or click on the photo. Come back often to check on progress of this campaign to raise $1 million. If you would like to donate, you can use this link: https://www.ymcahonolulu.org/donate

Windward Pool Blessing. Windward YMCA blessed its extensively renovated swimming pool on January 5. Click on the following link to see some photos: Click here

Hawaii in Area Magazine. Hawaii has a significant presence in the year-end issue of "Y's Alliance," the quarterly bulletin of the U.S. Area of Y Service Clubs International. There's a detailed report by Eddie Miwa, regional director Hawaii, and photos of activities of the Hilo, Central and Windward clubs.To get your copy click on the image at left or ciick here.


A New International Bulletin.
The latest magazine of Y Service Clubs International is out, packed with information about our organization's activities around the world in support of the YMCA and local communities. The front-page story deals with the life of the founder of Y's Men International, Paul William Alexander, and the start of our organization in Toledo, Ohio, in 1922, coming up on 100 years ago. To see and/or download a copy of the new "YMI World" click on the image at left or click here.

Nuuanu Christmas Party. For the second year in a row, Nuuanu Y's Men and Women's Club invited Windward Y Service Club to join in their club Christmas Party at the Pagoda Hotel in Honolulu. Here's a photo album that shows some of the fun and fellowship at the December 1 event. To go to the album click here or on the image at left.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.57.13 AM

Our Leaders. One Heads for Highest U.S. Area Post.
Bobby Stivers-Apiki, on the right, has been named U.S. Area President-Elect and International Council Member-Elect of Y Service Clubs International. Bobby was photographed at the Hawaii Region Mid-Year Council Meeting at the Ilima Hotel in Waikiki. A long-time Y's Man and YMCA director, Bobby is a member of the Hilo Y's Men & Women's Club and the Kaimuki Y Service Club. He served as Hawaii Regional Director 2014-2016. He'll take on his national and international positions July 1, 2018. With him from left are Eddie Miwa, current Hawaii regional director, and Sharon Ishida, Hawaii regional director-elect, who will become regional director at the Hawaii Region Convention in May in Hilo, Hawaii. To see more pictures from the mid-year meeting, click here.

Who Is Bobby Stivers-Apiki? Hilo resident Bobby, who will become President-Elect of the U.S. Area of Y Service Clubs International and the sole U.S. representative on its International Council, had 33 years as a YMCA employee, reaching some high positions, before retiring in 2004. He was brought back to the Y almost immediately to run The Island of Hawaii YMCA. To read a detailed biography of this remarkable man click here.

Eddie Miwa
RD's Memo. November 2017 Update
From Regional Director Eddie Miwa.
There's a lot of action happening and a lot of action needed by clubs in the Hawaii Region of Y Service Clubs International. News of changes at the International and U.S. Areas, a need for input from our Hawaii clubs on a possible merger of the U.S. Area and the Canada-Caribbean Area, discussion on whether Hawaii can be the venue for the 2022 International Convention — these and more are covered in this update to Eddie's "RD's Memo." To see his latest update and review our regional director's previous postings,
click here.



Top photo: Arriving at the convention in Las Vegas were, from left, Bobby Stivers-Apiki, James Dang, Eddie Miwa, Maurice Shimonishi, Rick Lau and Duke Chung. Lower photo: Hawaii group at a VIP dinner buffet at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino with Nancy Libby, in red, U.S. Area secretary. Nancy will represent the Area at our 2018 Convention in Hilo. Fro rom left: James Dang, Rick Lau, Eddie Miwa, Linda Chung, Ray Seto, Nancy Libby, Duke Chung and Bobby Stivers-Apiki. To see more photos
click here.

U.S.-Canada-Caribbean Convention
Hawaii was well represented at the combined U.S. Area and Canada/Caribbean Area Convention August 4-6 at the Hampton Inn Tropicana in Las Vegas and Hawaii Regional Director Eddie Miwa has written a detailed report. Present along with Eddie were Ray Seto (Kaimuki), Duke & Linda Chung (West Oahu), Rick Lau (Central), Bobby Stivers-Apiki (Hilo and Kaimuki), Maurice Shimonishi (Nuuanu) and James Dang (Kaimuki). The convention got a boost from the presence of members of the Y Service Clubs International Council. To see Eddie's story, click here.

Photo Album.
To go to pictures of our activities at the meetings in Las Vegas click here.

U.S. Area Council Meeting
Hawaii Regional Director Eddie Miwa represented us at the Area Council Meeting of Y Service Clubs International in Las Vegas, just before the big convention. Eddie learned a lot there in the presence of the U.S. regional directors and U.S. Area officers, much of it having to do with changes planned by Tibor Foki, new U.S. Area president. Hawaii clubs will be hearing more from Eddie on this but meanwhile to read his report on the council meeting click here.

Endowment Dinner Photos. On May 12, 2017, the Hawaii Region's Endowment Dinner was held at the Manoa Grand Ballroom. Entries for the international "Golden Book" were read and certificates awarded, new members were inducted and officers were sworn in at a very well-attended dinner. To see an album for photos from the evening click here or on the photo at left.

kauai group 2017
Convention 2017 Photo Album: A few pictures (about 100!) from the great 81st Convention of the Hawaii Region of Y Service Clubs International, held on the "Garden Island" of Kauai May 5-7. The convention activities included a special tribute to the East Kauai Y's Men's Club, chartered in 1950, whose surviving members are shown above.. To go to the album click on the Kauai group photo or the title of this it

Membership Message. This flyer encourages us all to tell our story, to spread the word of the great work Y Service Clubs do to help our YMCAs and the people who live in our communities. Created by Bobby Stivers-Apiki, membership service director for Y Service Clubs Hawaii, it will make you enthusiastic and encourage you not to be shy about telling your friends, associates, families and others something about who we are and what we do.

Hilo Y's Men and Women Help Fight Dengue Fever

Some 170 people on Hawaii island have contracted dengue fever that is being spread by mosquito bites and the homeless and particularly their children, living in the open all the time, are especially at risk. The local Y Service Club decided to do something about it. After exploring chemical-treated mosquito nets they came came up with an effective but less-expensive solution by working with a local supplier of mosquito-repellent bracelets and recruited willing donors to help. The result was 1,500 of the anti-mosquito bracelets being distributed free to homeless around the island. The Hilo daily newspaper, the Hawaii Tribune Herald, gave the project a nice write up on Monday, December 21, and you can click on the photo or this link to read the Tribune-Herald article.

Seto and others
Historical Photos. The Y Service Clubs of Hawaii's Metro District are working their way through stacks of photos and other materials at the YMCA of Honolulu headquarters. Go to this page to see some sample pictures and learn how you may be able to help identify people or events.

International “E-News” -- The latest online newsletter from the Geneva headquarters of Y Service Clubs International has lots of news and valuable information and you can see it here.

Peace Project Video: A seven-minute video now posted on YouTube tells about our 2014 “Peace Through My Eyes” poster/essay project for kids and features the winners. Slides start after a three-minute musical introduction.

Join our Hawaii Region Facebook Group: Receive automatic notifications when new items are posted. Hear from friends of Y’sdom around the world. As a group member you can post your own items, add your club bulletin, show photos of events etc. First, make your own Facebook page. It’s simple and it can be as private or public as you want. Then go to the Hawaii Region group page (link through the logo here) and ask to be a member. Our administrator will approve you. Everyone can see the page but only members can post to it.

U.S. Area Facebook Page: The U.S. Area of Y Service Clubs has its own new national Facebook page. It’s ”public” and that means anyone can read it and anyone with a Facebook page can post items to it.

“Golden Book” Endowment Honorees: To find the names and write-ups of persons honored by your Hawaii club in the past in the Endowment Fund Golden Book of Y Service Clubs International, enter just your club number in the appropriate blank in this page of the U.S. Area website. Club numbers are: Central, 388. East Kauai, 228. Hilo, 224. Kaimuki, 227. Kalihi, 371. Maui, 225. Nuuanu, 226. West Oahu, 340. Windward 296.

Acronyms Used in Y’sdom Our organization’s documents and reports are full of acronyms and some of them can be pronounced as words like “ape” and “why sigh.” Don’t know what they all mean? Click here for a list.