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Welcome to our Y Service website. Here you will find valuable information about our Hawaii Region, US Area and International Y Service Clubs. You will especially learn about the exciting and dynamic activities of our Region’s programs and services. If you are a Y Service Member visiting our site or islands, please leave us an email message. We would love to hear from you. From all the members of the Hawaii Region Y Service Clubs, we say Mahalo nui loa . . . . thank you very much for visiting us.
Eddie Miwa, Regional Director Hawaii, 2016-2018
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The Latest Hawaii Region Club Bulletins: Central June. Kaimuki June. Nuuanu April. Windward April. West Oahu February. Hilo Winter. Kalihi January. Club bulletins as far back as 2006 are available via Hawaii Club Bulletins in the menu at left.

Yʻs Alliance. A new issue of the U.S. Areaʻs quarterly magazine "Yʻs Alliance" has been issued by Editor Fred Leonard and it contains a lot of reporting on the recent 80th Regional Convention of the Hawaii Region of Y Service Clubs International, starting with a report by new Regional Director Eddie Miwa. To get your copy of the April-June 2016 issue click here.

Youth World. A new issue of "Youth World," the youth magazine from Y Service Clubs International, has been produced and it's available here. It contains a wealth of news and information about the activities of the young people in Y's Men and Women and Y Service Clubs all around the world and a special section on the International Youth Convocation to be held in August with the International Convention. To get your copy click here or on the thumbnail picture at left.

joinusthumbJoin Us. Our Hawaii Region service director for membership, Bobby Stivers-Apiki, wants clubs to see one of the membership promotion pieces used by Y Service Clubs International, as something clubs might be able to use as is or modify to their own needs. Click on the thumbnail copy at left.

80th Convention Photos. The Hawaii Region's 80th Regional Convention May 20-22 was a fabulous success, attracting a record number of participants. There was a dynamic keynote speech by Mike Broderick, president and chief executive officer of the nine-branch YMCA of Honolulu; speeches and other active participation by U.S. Area President Charley Redmond and his wife Debbie, immediate past area president; training, awards ceremonies and other activities. One highlight was the signing of an International Brother Club agreement between the Kaimuki Y's Men Club and Kyoto Zero Y's Men of Japan. Full details will appear here soon but for now enjoy an album of photos from the three days of events. Above: Some of the happy conventioneers at the Ilima Hotel at the end of the convention. Click here to see the photos

The Bulletin Board. There's a new issue out of the Hawaii Region's quarter newsletter, "The Bulletin Board," and you can click here or on the image at left to get it. It was published on the eve of the 80th Hawaii Region Convention and contains convention information, including information about keynote speaker Mike Broderick, president and chief executive officer of YMCA of Honolulu.

Peace Project: The Hawaii Region, working closely with YMCA branches, conducted its annual "Peace Through My Eyes" art project in March for 3rd and 4th graders. About 150 students participated through five Y Service Clubs and six YMCA branches. Pictured are five of the winners, at the YMCA of Honolulu's Healthy Kids Day April 9 where they were presented with their awards. From left, Dylan-Ryen Kageyama, Kalihi; Maegan Jucatan, Leeward; Higen Kila, Nuuanu; Kassidy Pascua, West Oahu; and Sage Ramos, Windward. Click on the photo to see and enlargement. Click here to see other pictures from Healthy Kids Day 2016.
New Y's Men's World. The latest "Y's Men's World" from international headquarters in Geneva is out and it has a story on Page 11, which first appeared in the Hawaii Region Facebook page, about the Hilo club's recent effort in support of the "Fight the Bite" campaign to get rid of mosquitos that spread dengue fever. The magazine is packed with information about the work of Y's Men and Y's Women around the world and the cover story is a fascinating one about Y's Men Korea sending a medical team to help flood victims in Cambodia. Click on the image to access the whole magazine.

Pasted Graphic
New Convention Page. We've added a page for the 80th Hawaii Region Convention. There you will find details of the May 20-22 convention, access to the registration form and email contacts where you can get more information. It's going to be a great convention with significant programs and social activities and we'll hear a speech by Charley Redmond, U.S. Area President. Take a look at the page and revisit it as there will be changes as the date draws nearer. To go to the page click here.

New U.S. Area Website. The U.S. Area of Y Service Clubs International now has its new website up and running and you can get to it at http://yserviceclubsusa.org Since the new site went on line the old one has been taken down.

A New "Youth World." Y Service Clubs International has issued a new "Youth World" produced by International Youth Intern Stephanie Spencer and you can get it by clicking on the image at left. It's full of pictures and information promoting the 2016 International Youth Convocation too be held in Taiwan in August in connection with the International Convention and the 16-page publication has lots of other pictures and information about youth activities around the world. (Note: It's a fairly big file so it may take some time to load.)

A Message from Hawaii Regional Director Bobby Stivers-Apiki:
Sunday, January 31, 2016
Aloha Fellow Y Service Members,
I would like to express how proud I am to be a part of a great organization that demonstrates leadership, compassion and service.  Starting with the Metro District meeting on Saturday chaired by DG Albert Lee. The meeting was well planned, engaging reports and discussions.  Now I see how effective the Metro District is and how the clubs work together. In a sad note, it was reported that charter member of the West Oahu Y's Men's Club, Dr. Dennis Kuwabara had recently passed.  Services to be announced.
Sunday was such a beautiful day of celebrations.  It started with the Kaimuki Y's Men's YMCA Sunday at St. Patrick's Church.  Almost a dozen members attended including Eddie Miwa, RDE and guest Mr. Sakota and his daughter from Tokyo.  Nuuanu Y Service and Hilo Y Service Clubs also celebrated YMCA Sunday.  After YMCA Sunday, Brad & Sharon hosted a holiday party at their lovely home. Guest Mr. Sakota from the Tokyo Zero Y's Men Club proposed being a Brother Club with the Kaimuki Club. In an unanimous vote his proposal was accepted.  So we'll have a new Brother Club!  Great news too, that 8-9 members from Mr. Sakota's club plan to attend our Hawaii Region Convention in May! Thanks Kaimuki for good friends, good fellowship and good fun!    
The beautiful day ended in the celebration of life for fellow Y's Men and YMCA staff Steve Kranz.  Steve was such a force in bringing people together and hundreds including a lot of Y Service members came to pay their respects.  Aloha Steve.
Keep up the good work everyone!
Mahalo.......Bobby, RD


Fond Memories. Thousands of customers of Boyd Gaming's downtown Las Vegas properties have now seen this photo, taken at the Main Street Station last May during the 79th Annual Convention of the Hawaii Region of Y Service Clubs International - U.S. Area. It was published in the latest issue of the company's magazine "News at the Cal" which covers events at the California Hotel where we stayed, Main Street Station where we met and new nearby Fremont. The picture brings back fond memories to those of us who attended, It is in the the magazine's Fall 2015 issue which is now online in Boyd's website. To see the whole publication you can click here and then scroll through to the Main Street Station section near the end. Our own 2015 Convention pictures are here.

Holoholo to Taiwan. That's the slogan Hawaii Regional Director Bobby Stivers-Apiki is using to promote the 72nd International Convention of Y Service Clubs International to be held in Taipei, Taiwan, from August 4 through August 7, 2016. Three Hawaii Y Service Clubs have International Brother Clubs in Taiwan — Nuuanu, Hilo and Windward — so a good relationship already exists. Taiwan is a Region within the Asia Area of Y's Men International, which we in America generally prefer to call by the authorized alternative name, Y Service Clubs International. There will be an International Youth Convocation in connection with the convention, starting August 1. More information will be posted here soon, including contacts for possible travel arrangements. There is a lot of information about the convention itself, including the host hotel and an outline of the programs, and there is additional information on excursions and sightseeing possibilities.
You can get to the English language official International Convention website if you click here. Or click on the official logo image above. And the convention host committee in Taiwan has posted a nice promotional video here on YouTube.

Hilo Y's Men and Women Help Fight Dengue Fever

Some 170 people on the "Big Island" of Hawaii have contracted dengue fever that is being spread by mosquito bites and the homeless and particularly their children, living in the open all the time, are especially at risk. The local Y Service Club decided to do something about it. After exploring chemical-treated mosquito nets they came came up with an effective but less-expensive solution by working with a local supplier of mosquito-repellent bracelets and recruited willing donors to help. The result was 1,500 of the anti-mosquito bracelets being distributed free to homeless around the island. The Hilo daily newspaper, the Hawaii Tribune Herald, gave the project a nice write up on Monday, December 21, and you can click on the photo or this link to read the Tribune-Herald article.


PIP Newsletter. Click in the image or the link to see a fascinating newsletter from the PIP Club, an organization of Past International Presidents of Y Service Clubs International. The 14-page quarterly newsletter is full of wisdom from these former top leaders, news of what they are doing now, pictures and added material from current key officers of our international organization. Lots of inspiring reading.

Hawaii Region Mid-Year Cabinet Meeting. The Hawaii Region held its Mid-Year Cabinet Meeting on November 21 at the Ilima Hotel in Waikiki. Follow the link to a photo album.

Seto and others
Historical Photos. The Y Service Clubs of Hawaii's Metro District are working their way through stacks of photos and other materials at the YMCA of Honolulu headquarters. Go to this page to see some sample pictures and learn how you may be able to help identify people or events.

Club Helps Windward "Hallo-Wine." Members of the Windward Y Service Club once again donated auction items, helped with the setup and attended the annual Hallo-Wine fund raiser for Windward YMCA's teen program. See the photos here.

New Clubs Overseas.
Hawaii Regional Director Bobby Stivers-Apiki wants to draw your attention to the formation of new clubs, an ongoing process in thew world, particularly in Asia, but not so much in America. Take a look at the latest list here.

Why Did You Join? Regional Director Bobby Stivers-Apiki recently asked members to tell why they joined a Y Service Club and why they stayed as members. He has put some of their replies together in and interesting two-page report you can get by clicking on the image at left.

Albert Lee
Albert Lee is a new winner of the international Elmer Crowe Award. Here's a note from Hawaii Regional Director Bobby Stivers-Apiki:
I am pleased to announce that U.S. Area Y Service Clubs Immediate Past President Debbie Redmond officially presented our Albert Lee the Elmer Crowe Award, for his outstanding leadership as District Governor of the Hawaii Region (Metro District), at the 26th Asian Area Convention in Kyoto, Japan. Debbie was very impressed with Albert and declared "Albert Lee is such a delightful person. We need more of him and Eddie Miwa (previous winner) in our organization." Congratulations Albert on behalf of your fellow Y Service Hawaii Region and U.S. Area members! Mahalo.
Bobby, RD.

Area Convention News. A special edition of The Bulletin Board, our Hawaii Region publication, brings you reports from the recent U.S. Area Convention by our Regional Director, Bobby Stivers-Apiki.

From International President -- A new “e-Communiqué” has been issued by Isaac Palathinkal, international president of Y Service Clubs International. For some it’s best read on-screen or you can download and print here. Lots of valuable information. Isaac finished his term at the end of June and the new International President is Wichian Boonmapajorn of Thailand.


Regional Bulletin Convention Special. See a special edition of "The Bulletin Board" full of news and pictures from the 79th Hawaii Region Convention in Las Vegas in 2015.

Nuuanu 50th Anniversary. See photos from the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Nuuanu Y’s Men and Women’s Club, held November 16 at the Natsunoya Tea House in Honolulu.

Mid-Year Cabinet Photos -- See an album of photos from the Hawaii Region Mid-Year Cabinet Meeting held in Waikiki on November 8. Here Sharon Ishida, immediate past regional director, holds up a phone so attendees can hear a message from Regional Director Bobby Stivers-Apiki.

Members Only page has been changed to include the Club Service Awards form for the 2014-2015 year and some other documents, including the Metro District Constitution.

International “E-News” -- The latest online newsletter from the Geneva headquarters of Y Service Clubs International has lots of news and valuable information and you can see it here.

2014-2015 Goals Hawaii Region Y Service Clubs: Right Time. Right Now. This is the Hawaii Region Y Service Club theme for 2014-2016 and the Y Service Club Leadership Team #1 will focus on Five Areas of Strength. We will . . .
  • strengthen our purpose and partnerships with the Hawaii State YMCAs;
  • strengthen our membership with a planned member campaign; branding and renewing traditions;
  • strengthen our relationships that will last a lifetime within clubs, region, area and international;
  • strengthen our ‘experiences’ through purposeful region programs and activities and
  • strengthen our trainings to develop leaders amongst leaders.

2014-2015 Officers/Leadership
Regional Director Bobby Stivers-Apiki has a great team elected with him to serve the Hawaii Region of Y Service Clubs International. Go to this page to learn more about the Regional and Club Officers.

Peace Project Video: A seven-minute video now posted on YouTube tells about our 2014 “Peace Through My Eyes” poster/essay project for kids and features the winners. Slides start after a three-minute musical introduction. (News of the 2015 Peace Project is coming soon.)

Endowment Dinner 2014: Photos of the annual Endowment Dinner held on May 16th by the Metropolitan District of the Hawaii Region of Y Service Clubs International.

Join our Hawaii Region Facebook Group: Receive automatic notifications when new items are posted. Hear from friends of Y’sdom around the world. As a group member you can post your own items, add your club bulletin, show photos of events etc. First, make your own Facebook page. It’s simple and it can be as private or public as you want. Then go to the Hawaii Region group page (link through the logo here) and ask to be a member. Our administrator will approve you. Everyone can see the page but only members can post to it.

U.S. Area Facebook Page: The U.S. Area of Y Service Clubs has its own new national Facebook page. It’s ”public” and that means anyone can read it and anyone with a Facebook page can post items to it.

“Golden Book” Endowment Honorees: To find the names and write-ups of persons honored by your Hawaii club in the past in the Endowment Fund Golden Book of Y Service Clubs International, enter just your club number in the appropriate blank in this page of the U.S. Area website. Club numbers are: Central, 388. East Kauai, 228. Hilo, 224. Kaimuki, 227. Kalihi, 371. Maui, 225. Nuuanu, 226. West Oahu, 340. Windward 296.

Acronyms Used in Y’sdom Our organization’s documents and reports are full of acronyms and some of them can be pronounced as words like “ape” and “why sigh.” Don’t know what they all mean? Click here for a list.