RD's Memo

From Regional Director Eddie Miwa
(Kalihi Y Service Club)

Eddie Miwa

Aloha all.

November Update
Here's an update on lots of action in our organization:

It is an exciting time to be Y’s Men and Women, and with so much going on here’s an update as reported at the Mid-year Cabinet Meeting on November 4.
International Election Material for International President Elect (IPE) and Six Proposed Amendments to the International Constitution went out to the clubs on November 5 to be completed and emailed to International (elections@ysmen.org ) by 4:00 AM (HST) January 31, 2018.

Club eligibility to Vote

Ballot Voting Paper 1 (International Officers): Election for International President Elect (IPE). Only large clubs (15+ members) in Good Standing are eligible to vote for International Officers.
Central, East Kauaʻi, Maui and West Oahu may not vote.

Ballot Voting Paper 2: Six Proposed Amendments to the International Constitution.
Small and large clubs in Good Standing (per Guideline 410) are eligible to vote on Constitutional matters.

If we are to argue to bring back the Small Club Exception for voting rights, then all the clubs need to vote where eligible to avoid the appearance of being hypocrites.

Bobby Stivers-Apiki, being the only qualifier to make the International Ballot for Area President Elect (APE)/ International Council Member Elect (ICME) has been declared by International as US APE/ICME to begin June 1, 2018-2019 to serve as AP/ICM 2019-2021, subsequently there will be no ballot for APE/ICME. Congratulations Bobby!

Removal of the Small Club Exception (Guideline 411) had passed legislation by an 8 to 7 margin, and AP Tibor Foki has promised to include for discussion and action at the Area Mid-Year Council Meeting to take to International for possible repeal. I will email clubs for your opinions to pass on to the Area Council Meeting, please keep in mind that International takes opinions from the clubs very seriously.

Amalgamation of the US Area and Area Canada/Caribbean process has begun with documentation sent out to the clubs on November 5. With the trend of decreasing membership in both the US (about 1K) and Canada/Caribbean (about 500) Areas, leadership of both areas have decided to take it to the clubs for vote. I have asked Club Presidents to include on their November club business meeting agendas for discussion and immediate action. Please send me your club’s decision by November 24 to compile and send to Area Secretary Nancy Libby.

Succession Plan Committee (Bobby, Sharon, Phil, Duke, Walter, Linda & myself) have started work on a succession plan that is a work in progress. RDE Sharon will begin her term as RD on the last day of the 82nd Hawaii Region Convention in Hilo to serve 2 years (2018-2020) and will announce our next RDE, who has consented, when appropriate. As it stands we are covered for RD for the next four years –we are working to plan-out for 6 years. Joe-Ann McCarthy’s two-year term as District Governor will end after RD Sharon’s first year, at which time Sharon will need to appoint a new DG.

We are needing for Club Presidents to identify future leaders and empower them with club responsibilities, and when ready encourage them to start getting involved in District and Regional activities.

Discussion to entertain a bid to host the 2022 International Convention was included on the Mid-Year Cabinet Meeting Agenda (Nov 4). Up until now, all we have been hearing reasons for not hosting the 2022 Convention without any answers. With his rise to APE/ICME, Bobby Stivers-Apiki is requesting we seriously look in to the possibility with open minds of hosting, and with that I have appointed RC Phil Sammer and RDE Sharon Ishida as part of an Exploratory Committee to work with International Convention Committee (ICC) co-chairs Debbie Redmond and IPIP Joan Wilson to first get answers to our concerns regarding manpower and finances.

2022 will mark the 100th Anniversary of the first Y’s Men’s Club founded in 1922 in Toledo, Ohio by Judge Paul William Alexander. Hence International has designated the US to host the 2022 Convention. Long Beach (Pacific Southwest Region) and Minneapolis (North Central Region) are also being considered, but Hawaii is by far the most appealing site for our Asian and Europe counterparts.

With the Mid-Year Cabinet Meeting out of the way, we can all now focus on our Holiday Community Service Projects, and first and foremost, our Families. It is a time to reflect back on the year and give thanks for what we have… our Families, our Health and our Happiness. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Eddie Miwa, RD Hawaii Region
Y Service Clubs International

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October-November 2017

Aloha all,
For my Oct/Nov RD’s Memo I am attaching my Mid-Year RD’s Report that was submitted to the Mid-Year Cabinet Meeting on November 4, 2017.
Ho`ohoihoi! (Enjoy!)

To: Hawaii Region Leadership Team
From: Eddie Miwa, RD
Date: November 4, 2017

I’d like to thank you all for the dedication and commitment you’ve given to your clubs, metro and the region. Charitable organizations such as the Y Service Clubs (YSC) depend solely on its membership to finance, lead and implement its mission, and you all have been doing a damn good job in doing so. Our Hawaii Region leadership team remains strong and intact for now, but there is a strong need to bring up younger members up from the clubs to start participating in metro and regional affairs.
Our Hawaii Region membership is officially at 136 paid members as of August 2017, down two members from the previous first semester in February. I do know of at least two new members (
Jon Ikea & Tiffany Kugiya) at Central and three new members (Kent Uyehara, Ashleeann Rowe & Katie Kaahanui) at Kaimuki who are not yet recorded in the International data base.
After the 81
st Hawaii Convention on Kaua`i, in what would normally be a cooling down period for the region, there has been some of exciting leadership changes of note:
PRD (2012-2014) now
RDE Sharon Ishida has graciously agreed to recycle herself to take over the reins in 2018-2019 with the option for a second year, should we not be able to find her successor by then. Sharon, a former Executive Director at the Kaimuki Y and longtime Y’s women, brings back to our table strong organizational and leadership skills and a well-rounded perspective of the YMCA and YSC. Sharon was awarded the prominent Henry Grimes Award in 2013 by the US Areas for most outstanding Regional Director. Sharon (and Brad), spearheaded the Kaimuki’s youth movement, bringing new leadership and ideas to the club that we hope will filter up to metro and the region. S/T Duke Chung has agreed to serve with Sharon, ensuring a smooth transition and strong leadership for the Region.
Metro DG JoeAnn McCarthy (2017-2018) has stepped-in for an overloaded PDG Albert Lee; first of all I like to thank Albert, who had served as DG the past 3 years under PRD Bobby Stivers-Apiki and through my first year as RD, being awarded the Elmer Crowe Award by the US Area in 2015 for outstanding District Governor. Albert, thank you for your dedication and service, I look forward to you coming back in the near future. JoeAnn, was the first ever recipient of the Milton Hakoda Award in 1996 and hasn’t stopped since; Joe is a Y’s Woman on steroids (in the figurative sense), she has been involved with the Peace Project and YMCA Sunday shave ice since its inception and now coordinates both events for the Metro District, and is one of the 3 co-chairs for the 82nd Hawaii Region Convention Committee. JoeAnn is joined by the all Windward veteran team of Secretary Russ Lynch and Treasurer Ken Kadomoto. The Metro District will have already held 2 meetings (July & Oct) up until this point.
International Elections
In what has already been an exciting year of leadership changes, became all the more interesting when the call for nominations of IPE and APE/ICME came out in August and two of our own consented to their nominations.
Hawaii Region Counselor (and PPRD & PAP) Phil Sammer had agreed to his nomination for International President Elect (IPE) in August, and to our disappointment was notified the first week of October from International that his name will not be on the final ballot. Phil had served as RD in 2001-2003 & 2005-2007 and US Area President in 2009-2011, who along with PAP Ray Seto (1993-94) hold the distinction of being the only two Y’s Men from the Hawaii Region to do so. I am slowly learning that we as a region need to work with the US Area nominations committee months ahead of time to get a candidate for consideration into the International arena, and should Phil still have aspirations to serve at the International level in the near future, then we should start having conversations now.
IPRD Bobby Stivers-Apiki had also accepted his nomination for APE/ICME in August and had subsequently stepped down as RDE despite not knowing where his nomination will take him, so as to give the next RDE time to make plans for the upcoming RDE training in St. Louis in November. The Area President Elect is automatically the lone seat the US Area has on the International Council, thus making this an International election. Bobby was awarded the Henry Grimes Award in 2016. There will be 3 names on the US ballot, and I recently learned Bobby’s name along with Jerry Caligiuri (Pac SW Region) and Frank Logan (NAtlantic Region) will be on the International US Area final ballot to come out sometime in Oct/Nov. Congratulations Bobby!
Once the elections for IPE and APE/ICME have concluded, announcement of the winners will come at the International Council Meeting in February 2018.
Rules of International and US Area Elections state that there are to be no open campaigning for candidates and that candidates must share equal attention when mentioned on any media source. So asking for support of your candidate must be done privately and discreetly please… to members outside of our region.
Removal of Guideline 411 (Small Club Exception) from the International Constitution at the International Council Meeting in Las Vegas has put an end to Small Club (5-14 mbrs) exceptions for voting rights for officer and constitutional issues in International (not US Area) elections. And this year we are directly affected by this decision by having Bobby and Phil (had he made it) on the International ballot. Eligible clubs with 15 members or more and in good standing are Hilo, Kaimuki, Kalihi, Nuuanu & Windward. Central, East Kaua`i, Maui & West Oahu (all clubs in good standing) would have to have at least 15 members for at least 3 consecutive semesters to regain International voting privileges. Note: Small clubs still have voting privileges on US Area elections for Area Secretary & CFO and amendments to the Area by-laws.
So what next? The removal of Guideline 411may be a done deal, but Small Club exceptions may not; I understand that the purpose of Guideline 411 was to empower small clubs with voting privileges as an incentive for clubs to grow their club membership, and over the years, clubs applying for this exception were doing so year after year without showing signs of growth. The key words here are the “purpose of” (small club exceptions), and that is what needs to be changed, its Purpose for a Small Club Exception.
There are clubs everywhere who have existed for decades that are in good standing and are labeled Small Club status, Hawaii nominee for
IPE, Phil Sammer and IPE candidate Jennifer Jones, APE candidate Jeffrey Caligiuri and AP Tibor all come from clubs labeled as Small Clubs and these clubs are being denied a voice on International matters. We need to voice our disapproval of the Small Club Exception and come up with a new “Purpose” for having Small Club Exceptions based on a criteria of a club’s merit, value & excellence. I will be asking for a meeting of the regional counselors to discuss and put together a proposal that I can take with me to the next Area Council Meeting.
US Area nominations for Area Secretary to serve in 2018-2020 were due to AP Tibor Foki on October 31st. Having not come up with any candidates from the Hawaii Region, there were several clubs from our region that put in nominations for incumbent Area Secretary Nancy Libby, who has consented to her nomination of a second 2 year term. Note: the US Area Secretary and CFO are limited to 3 consecutive 2 year-terms unless by exception as CFO Gene Koester was elected to a fourth term earlier this year.
YMCA Service: Nuuanu’s joint-club work projects at Camp Erdman, spearheaded by Isaac Sakamoto in cooperation with Camp Director Ron Okimoto has become a popular win-win event for everyone. The last project held in August brought Y teens from the Kaimuki Y spending the weekend at camp, under the guidance of Kaimuki Youth Program Director Jay Nishimura, Hawaii Region YSC Youth Representative Kai Uyehara and Kaimuki Board member & Youth Program volunteer Wes Pei, performing Y activities and joining in on the work project.
Metro Y Service Club members along with YMCA, Pasha Hawaii and Hawaii Stevedores staff volunteered and made cash contributions to help fill a 40ft container donated by Pasha Hawaii in 3 days for the Kokua for Houston’s Keiki Donation Project. Members of the Hilo club made a collection of $200 and
Duke & Linda Chung mailed in a cash contribution that went toward buying needed items. DG JoeAnn McCarthy and Donna Saito (sorting & boxing) worked the Saturday morning shift with myself (curbside collection) and West Oahu’s Karen Ebato and friend, after shopping for needed supplies made a drop-off during my shift.
YSC members were at it again the following week at the Kapolei Country Club manning the course for the Par Hawaii Charity Golf Tournament that raised $20K for the YMCA of Honolulu earmarked for the cash-strapped Teen Programs.
Y President & CEO Mike Broderick wrote, “Eddie I want to thank the YSCs for your critical role in Par Hawaii choosing the Y as one of the two recipients of the proceeds. As you know, the community needs are great, and $20K (Yes!) will go a long way toward helping the Y change lives. Gratefully, Mike”
82nd Hawaii Region Convention Committee is off to a great start with all the preliminary details in place even before its second meeting. Hilo club’s Bobby Stiver-Apiki, Kea Calpito and Chris Omerod obtained proposals from the New Grand Naniloa Hotel and the Hilo Hawaiian Hotels before the committee settled with the Hilo Hawaiian. And made arrangement at the Imiloa Planetarium & Museum for Friday’s pre-convention dinner as well as other activities and a post-convention staycation at KMC. Convention registration sub-committee coordinator Melanie Kaaihue has been working feverishly to get the Convention Registration Flyer/Registration form out by the end of November. This year’s convention’s Tri-chairs are Duke Chung, Bobby Stivers-Apiki and JoeAnn McCarthy.
US Area Council Meeting & US Area Convention in Las Vegas: I’ve already written two separate reports each for the Hawaii Region Website and the latest Y’s Alliance, so for the sake of avoiding redundancy and saving trees, I will defer my reports on the Area Council Meeting and Joint Area Convention to the Website. I do want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the business and fellowship with Y’s men and women from all over the US and the world. It was an honor to be a part of the Hawaii contingent of Duke & Linda Chung, Ray Seto, Bobby Stivers-Apiki, Rick Lau, Maurice Shimonishi and James Dang.
Having just spent time at the Hampton Inn Tropicana for the Area Council Meeting and Joint US Area CAC Convention, it send chills up my spine that little did we know at the time of what later was to come just across the I-15 that separated the Hampton Inn from the Mandalay Bay, where the mass shooting had taken place just 60 days later. A stark reminder that life is fragile and can end in an instant, and we should embrace the time we all have to enjoy life and help those who have less.

Eddie Miwa, RD Hawaii Region
Y Service Clubs International

August-September 2017
I am back from the Area Council Meeting and the Joint US Area Canada/Caribbean Convention in Las Vegas, I bring back with me a new sense of appreciation and perspective of our movement that is outside of our own. Having met Y’s men and women from all nine US regions and Canada/Caribbean, and VIPs from the other seven Areas of the world, I find the issues and concerns are the same: Membership, Membership, Membership. (Please see my separate reports posted for the Area Council Meeting and Convention).

After flying in ahead of our Hawaii delegation to attend the Area Council Meeting, I was joined by
Ray Seto, Duke & Linda, Rick Lau, Bobby Stivers-Apiki, James Dang and Maurice Shimonishi for the rest of the convention, and later Friday night Roy Tateishi joined us when we went over to Duke & Linda’s upgraded luxury suite at the Rio Hotel for a nice talk-story get-together over beer and pupus. My first US Area Convention and uh… trip to Vegas, especially with these guys (and Linda) made for an awesome experience. Being without time, a car and not knowing the town, Linda was nice enough to pick-up some omiyage for me at Trader Joe’s while I attended the convention… thank you Linda!

Bobby Stivers-Apiki: When I started writing this article two weeks ago, it was congratulations RDE Bobby, who had graciously agreed to fill the RD’s position for one year (2018-2019) after I step down. But over the last weekend, a greater calling came from the US Area when AP Tibor Foki called Bobby to ask him if he’d consider a nomination for US Area President Elect / International Council Member Elect (2018-2019) to serve as AP/ICM July 2019-2021. As Sharon Ishida put it, this is a great honor for Bobby and (an even greater honor for) the Hawaii Region. As I had mentioned in a few of my emails, Bobby has the energy, the passion and skills the US Area needs, and the guts to maybe shake a few trees. Coming from a small town in the southernmost part of the US, if you’re good… they will find you! Congratulations Bobby!

Club Nominations for US Area President Elect / International Council Member (ICM Elect) were resent most recently out to the clubs on August 20 after several attempts, and being told everyone may not have receive my emails. Now that Bobby has consented to nomination for APE, let’s get our club nominations to AP Tibor ASAP! Up to three candidates (per Area) will be put on the final International ballot (in October), the US Area has only one seat on the International Council (IC) and that goes to the AP to serve two years. This is by all means not a shoo-in, so let’s all have our clubs get behind Bobby to include him on the October ballot. As of this writing, Nuuanu, Central, Kalihi and West Oahu have already submitted their nominations to Tibor.

Nominations for International President Elect (IPE) was also resent to Council Members on August 20 for consideration via email, for me to submit names to International by Sept 8. Being that IPIP Joan Wilson (Canada) is from North America, International consensus may shift away from the Americas to another geographic location, nonetheless we are free vote for anyone within or outside the US Area.
Membership is at 135, most recently, former Windward Y Director & Y’s man Bill Stone (Windward) relocated to the mainland. S/T Duke Chung sent out (Aug 16) 1st Semester dues invoice to the clubs for payment due to him ASAP, Duke needs to make remittance to International and US Area by August 31.

Joint Club Project at Camp Erdman is coming up for Saturday, August 26 is being coordinated by Isaac Sakamoto on behalf of the Nuuanu Y’s Men & Women’s Club. This is the 3rd joint-club project at CE, the last project in March attracted upwards of 65 volunteers, much to the pleasure of Camp Director (& West Oahu Y’s man) Ron Okimoto.

Emphasis for September is Endowment. RSD Isaac Sakamoto will be sending out a memo to the clubs to select your Golden Book honoree and get your write-ups and fees to him by September 30.

Par Hawaii Charity Golf Tournament is being held on Friday, September 22 at the Kapolei Golf Club to benefit non-profits Special Olympics and the YMCA of Honolulu guaranteeing at least $15K in charitable donation to both organizations. Ray Seto is coordinating our Y Service Club’s participation in this event. Volunteers should have registered online by July 28. Major sponsors include Par Hawaii, 76, Hele, Aloha Petroleum, ASB, FHB, BOH, Queens Medical Center, 7-Eleven Hawaii, James Campbell Company LLC, Hawaiian Telcom, BMK Construction LLC, Sofo Realty Corp., I Heart Media, KITV, HFN Hawaii Petroleum & ATM Pacific.

82nd Hawaii Region Convention will be held May 4-6, 2018 at the newly upgraded Hilo Hawaiian Hotel on Banyan Dr. in Hilo, Hawaii Island. Metro DG JoeAnn McCarthy will be joining Duke Chung and Bobby Stivers-Apiki as the Convention Committee’s Tri-chairs. Bobby along with committee members Chris Omerod and Kea Calpito have been working hard to negotiate and secure the convention date at the Hilo Hawaiian. Kea and Chris are preparing a 82nd Hawaii Region Convention Presentation Video for committee members to view when we have our first meeting on August 24 at the Kalihi Y. The video, as Bobby puts it, is intended to be a ʻteaserʻ to create some excitement and awareness so members of the committee will become the best ambassadors for the convention. Your Convention Committee hard at work… only 254 days and counting to the 82nd Hawaii Region Convention, so mark your calendars.

Bid for the 2022 International Convention will be on the Agenda for the Hawaii Region Mid-year Cabinet Meeting on November 4 for formal discussion/action on a decision on whether or not to submit a bid for the 2022 IC in Hawaii. Ray Seto had Hawaii State Tours put together a convention proposal and will be stating his case to have the convention here. Be prepared for a lively discussion and vote.

Hawaii Region Store is now officially open, in the coming months, store manager Duke Chung will be stocking up on essential merchandise that includes pins and manuals, special orders will be taken for Y’s memorabilia.

May-June 2017
I bid you all well as the dust still settles from a wham bam final home stretch ending our Y’s year and into the new. The 81th Hawaii Region Convention on Kaua`i, dedicated in memory of the late Bradford Ishida, was a great success from all ends. Congratulations to Co-Chairs Duke Chung & Bobby Stivers-Apiki and members of the Convention Committee for pulling off yet a another great convention that we all can be proud of, this one marked with an asterisk for special. We had the honor of hosting US Area President Elect Tibor Foki and his wife Charl. Tibor had posthumously presented five separate Certificates of Commendation from each of Hawaii’s representatives of the US Congress to Jennie Yukimura for Jiro’s military service during WWII.

It was such a pleasure having members of the East Kaua`i Y’s Men’s Club in attendance, something that’s been missing for quite a while. A remarkable experience and bittersweet as we paid tribute in honoring the East Kaua`i club and took time in remembrance of our fallen brothers and sisters.
Brad would have been proud.

Congratulations to the recipients of the following Hawaii Region Club & Individual Awards:
  • Image & Communication Award: Hilo Y’s Men & Women’s Club
  • Small Club of the Year Award: Central Y Service Club
  • Large Club of the Year Award: Windward Y’s Men & Women’s Club
  • Milton Hakoda Trident Award: Ken Okimoto (Hilo)
  • Club President of the Year Award: Maurice Shimonishi (Nuuanu)

As if we couldn’t get enough, and in what seemed like a final encore to the convention, the Endowment Dinner back in Honolulu honoring those past and present for their extraordinary service to Y’sdom, the YMCA and our community. Congratulations RSD Isaac Sakamoto for planning and executing a wonderful dinner and program packed with announcements and ceremonials and to MC Ron Okimoto for the great job in keeping it all flowing smoothly.

Metro District Governor
Albert Lee had served 2 years as DG under PRD Bobby Stivers-Apiki, earning himself the prestigious US Area Elmer Crowe Award for Outstanding District Governor in 2015; and carried-over into last year when I asked him to stay on for 2 more. More recently, Albert had expressed concern, that due to time constraints, he is unable to effectively govern the Metro District, but would continue to do so until a replacement could be found.

Joe-Ann McCarthy has graciously agreed to be our Metro District DG with an all-Windward team of Russ Lynch (Secretary) and hold-over Ken Kadomoto (Treasurer). Joe-Ann is one our most active members wearing numerous hats as club vice president/secretary, Metro chair for the Peace Project & Healthy Kids Day, and spearheading the Windward’s Raffle committee for the Convention, she currently holds the position of RSD for Public Relations as well.

Ken, a former Hawaii Region Secretary/Treasurer, has served the last 4 years as Metro District Secretary and Treasurer under myself when I was DG and Albert along with the late Harold Kuwahara (Secretary). Russ is the architect and Webmaster for the Hawaii Region website, bulletin editor for the Hawaii Region Bulletin Board, Portalbuzz administrator and Area Service Director for Public Relations.

Congratulations to
Joe-Ann and her veteran team, we look forward to your leadership. And thank you Albert for your leadership the last three years as we hope to see you back soon.

Bobby, on behalf of the 81st Hawaii Region Convention, presented a check for $1,060 to YMCA Program Director Cassidy Inamasu to go towards YMCA Youth & Government (YAG).

Bobby made an official announcement at the Endowment Dinner of the Hilo Y’s Men & Women’s Club’s bid to host the 2018 82nd Hawaii Region Convention on Hawaii Island along with Las Vegas as another alternative. Hilo will be looking into several venues (KMC, Hilo Hawaiian & the new Grand Naniloa) on Hawaii Island and Co-Chair Duke has asked Maurice Shimonishi and Ray Seto to look into travel and accommodations for Las Vegas before emailing the info it to the clubs for review and consensus. I will ask Metro DG Joe-Ann to include on her agenda for her first Metro District Meeting in probably in July.

Some encouraging news, OVG District Governor
Lance Niimi is talking with Maui Family YMCA President & CEO, Mike Morris, who has agreed to work with Maui club President Donna Jones in bringing new members to the Maui Y Service Club. Hope to have an update for you soon, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

June is a time for the clubs, the District and the Region to get revitalized and reorganized, resetting our goals and vision in preparing for the year ahead. Get your new members involved, and stagnant members re-involved with club, metro and region responsibilities. A fresh new start to become the best we can be.

A heads-up for July when the clubs will be needing to update your club rosters for 1
st Semester Dues in August.

I’d like to thank our RSDs, all who have agreed to stay on through my second year, and Regional Officers and Councilors for serving with me this past year and I look forward to working with you all in the year ahead.

Eddie Miwa, RD Hawaii Region

E Ola Pū Kākou… (Together, we Thrive…)

March-April 2017

March Madness is upon us, I hope your bracket is holding up, and April showers bring May flowers as the homestretch leading up to the convention is always a busy one. The Peace Through My Eyes drawing contest for 3rd & 4th graders, now in its 6th year, will be held during Spring intersession (March 20-24) at the Kaimuki, Kalihi, Leeward, Mililani, Nuuanu and Windward YMCAs. Thank you JoeAnn McCarthy & Wendy Tupper for coordinating and working with the Y staff to make this another successful event this year. Winners from each of the Ys will be recognized at Healthy Kids Day on April 8. JoeAnn and Wendy are also coordinating the Y Service Clubs’ shave ice booth and Peace awards ceremony at HKD.
Nuuanu’s joint club project II at Camp Erdman coming up, project coordinators Isaac Sakamoto & Maurice Shimonishi are expecting another good turn-out at camp, which should keep camp director and the newest member of the West Oahu club, Ron Okimoto smiling from cheek to cheek.
The 81
st Hawaii Region Convention Committee is busy finalizing all the details for our convention on Kaua`i. Transportation for golf and the East Kaua`I tours depart the hotel at 8:15am and 9:00 am respectively, Friday morning, so plan your arrival accordingly if you wish to participate. The Metro District council voted at the last Metro District meeting (Feb 4) to cover the meal expenses for the East Kaua`i club members (and spouses) attending Saturday’s recognition luncheon at the convention.
Deadline to submit your convention registration is April 5th.
Reminder to all club presidents, regional officers, RCs and RSDs your reports for the Convention Booklet is due to
Bobby Stivers-Apiki on April 7 (absolute deadline).
IPRD Bobby is heading the search for our region’s next RDE to be approved by the Hawaii Council at our incoming cabinet meeting in Kaua`i. Although ADE Tibor Foki resides in Southern California, because of geography, RDE training will once again be held at The Mother House in St. Louis, Missouri on November 12-14 (yes that’s Sunday to Tuesday).
OVG District Hilo club is reporting 2 new members in Patricia Dunn and Rhett Apiki, I’d like to welcome both Patricia and Rhett, and I urge you to take this opportunity to offer your fresh thoughts and ideas no matter how out-of-the-box it may be. You will soon find out that you have surrounded yourselves around some of the most remarkable people you’ll ever know. Welcome to our world of Y’sdom!
Thank you
June Niimi, I am sharing your club report below –I hope you don’t mind:
March 11 - Members volunteered with other community groups to help the Friends of Liliuokalani Gardens continue their clean-up efforts of the park to get it ready for its 100th anniversary celebration in May. The Hilo Y's Men and Women also presented the organization with 10 Boys Day koi to add to the 100 the FLG hopes to collect and display at the celebration.

March or April - Taking an excursion to the southern part of the island, Ka'u, to meet up with the students of Ka'u High School who participated in the Youth Legislature program. Our club donated $500 to help with some of their expenses to Honolulu. That same day, we are planning a stop at Kawa Bay where Bobby Stivers-Apiki's family share some history there.

April - It's Merrie Monarch time and time to hit the craft fairs. Those attending the Hi Region Convention may want to try their luck with the raffle tickets to win one of the 7 Hawaiian craft items the Hilo Club will be donating!

Bobby landed in the hospital last week and hopefully will be discharged tomorrow. He was diagnosed with viral pneumonia.

Also, Jimmy Fujimoto is finally at home after several weeks at Hale Anuenue Rehab. He had the flu in January and ended up in the hospital. He was then transferred across the street to continue his recovery at HA and then released just a week ago.

"Thanks, Eddie. I'm here in Hawaii Kai this week helping to care for our granddaughter while she recovers from yet another cold. Me being here will allow my daughter and son-in-law to go to work without worrying about taking Arden to daycare with the sniffles. Good thing I'm on Spring Break!" June Niimi.

The US Area Council convened a special meeting (via WebEx) on March 18 to approve “… to hold a special election for CFO placing Gene Koester’s name and “other” on a ballot to serve one extra term pursuant to the US Area Bylaws, Article XI, Section 7 where the clubs can fill the vacant position serving the unexpired term beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2019.” The US Area had failed to come up with a nominee or one that would accept the nomination for CFO from back in October when nomination notices went out to the clubs. Gene Koester, who had fulfilled his eligibility (3 terms) and not eligible at the time, had agreed to AD Charley Redmond’s request to fill the vacant position, pending approval from the clubs. Ballots should be going out to the clubs shortly with a 4 week window to vote.
Previous to the March 18 meeting, the US Area Mid-year Council meeting was held on February 25 (via WebEx) where the council unanimously approved for AD Charley (by exemption) to “appoint” Gene Koester to fill the vacant position of US Area CFO for a 4
th term. That motion was rescinded at the emergency meeting (as mentioned above) in favor of a “special election” for the clubs to approve instead.
In another motion, the council
approved for an increase in US Area dues of $5/yr ($2.50/semester) to $26/$13.00 effective next semester August 2017. The last time area dues were increased was back in 2011. The executive committee felt it necessary with the rising cost to do business and a decrease in membership down to 996 (minus 58 mbrs). For the last couple of years or so, the area has been deficit budgeting, but has controlled their spending under budget; Gene expects to end the FY with an excess of ≈ $2,000.
The US Area 2017/2018 budget was granted tentative approval, the incoming RDs will revise if necessary and approve at the US council meeting on August 2 & 3 before the start of the Joint convention in Las Vegas.
The Joint Canada/Caribbean & US Area Convention (Aug 4, 5 & 6) information and registration form is available on the Hawaii Region website (http://ysmenhawaii.org/area%20convreg%202017.pdf) if you have not already seen it.
And finally, I hope you are all faring well and I thank you for your service and hope to see you all at the upcoming events.
Eddie Miwa, RD Hawaii Region
E Ola Pū Kākou… (Together, we Thrive…)

January-February 2017

A belated Happy New Year to you all; having ended the year on a sad note with the loss of Brad Ishida and now the new year with the passing of Harold Kuwahara, may it be a reminder to us all how short and delicate life can be. A double whammy of sorts, the Hawaii Region will miss their leadership and wisdom, Brad and Harold gave much of their lives to make our community a better place for others.
On behalf of us all of the Hawaii Region Y Service Clubs, I’d like to express our condolences to Miyoko and the Kuwahara family, our thoughts and blessings are with you. Harold’s gracious and gentle demeanor made an impression to all those he touched, he will be dearly missed.
As an organization, it’s a stark reminder that we as individuals must step up to fill the leadership void left behind by Brad and Harold. And I ask that we all take heed to Membership RSD
Bobby Stivers-Apiki’s call for Just One for each of us to bring new prospective members into our organization and nurture them in becoming our future leaders in years to come.
January is a time to focus on YMCA Service as we all prepare to kick-off the annual ASC at our respective Ys, by now ASC Grand Keeper,
Russ Lynch should have sent out invites to the Annual Support Campaign kick-off luncheon at the Pōmaika`i Ballroom set for February 11 –don’t forget to send in your RSVP by February 1st.
YMCA RSD and liaison
Phil Sammer, after receiving positive feedback from the clubs, accepted an invitation to participate in the Par Hawaii Golf Tournament slated for September 8 – save that date! The YMCA of Honolulu was asked by Par Hawaii if they’d like to be one of two non-profit beneficiaries of their golf tournament, by accepting, the Y would need to provide at least 25 volunteers to help on tournament day – a $15,000 donation is guaranteed – to go towards the teen programs. Par Hawaii is the largest petroleum refinery of consumer and industrial products in the state and retails its gas under the 76 and Hele brands. Nuuanu project coordinator Isaac Sakamoto is putting together another joint metro Camp Erdman work project set for March 25 painting and clearing trails, I hope all the clubs can make it.
Also by now the clubs of the Hawaii Region should have voted online for IPE and ITE, the deadline for International Elections was January 31. The Hawaii Region was asked by International to test their new online voting system for this election mainly due to Hawaii’s history of quick response to International’s requests and region’s proficiency with Portalbuzz thanks to administrator Russ Lynch.
February’s focus is Time of Fast-Global Project Fund (TOF-GPF), what is Time of Fast: Time of Fast (TOF) is a Y's Men International program. Y's Men members worldwide traditionally give up one meal (fasting) and donate the cost of that Meal to TOF. Money raised through fund raising activities is made available to areas of developing countries by arrangement with the World Wide Alliance of YMCAs. From its inception in 1972 to date, TOF has raised over US$ 2 million for development projects and disaster relief. I hope the clubs can come with and share your creative ways to raise money for this worthy cause.
Metro DG Albert Lee announced the next Metro District meeting for Saturday, February 4 at the Windward Y.
The 81st Hawaii Convention information & registration packet was sent out to all members in early January, this year’s convention will be held at the Marriott Courtyard on Kauai on May 5, 6 & 7, convention committee co-chairs
Duke Chung & Bobby Stivers-Apiki and committee members plan on having a very special convention paying homage to our old friends of the East Kauai Y’s Men’s Club. The Joint Canada/Caribbean & US Area Convention will be held at the Hampton Inn Tropicana in Las Vegas on August 4-6, information & registration should be out if February.
If you visit the Hawaii Region Website, you’ve probably noticed Hilo has revived their newsletter under the new name of Ka Ho`olaha Kanilehua thanks to new member and club bulletin editor
Kea Calpito. The December edition reported OVG DG Lance Niimi’s appointment to new Mayor Harry Kim’s cabinet as Hawaii County Department of Housing & Community Development Administrative Assistant. Belated congratulations Lance, with your skills & talent we all knew you wouldn’t have been retired for too long, I just hope you were able to enjoy the time off in between.
Congratulations to Kalihi club president
Melanie Kaaihue who announced her engagement at their last club meeting to Guy Yoshida, they’re looking to tie the knot sometime in March or April.
International President Joan Wilson is encouraging us all, as individuals and clubs, to make Resolutions for the new year that have to do with better service of others, whether it be through club projects or in leadership roles –look to see what’s lacking, and pledge to take on these tasks.
And finally, I’d like to wish you all a healthy, happy & prosperous year ahead, and thank you for your service in helping to make our Hawaii Region and the US Area strong.

E Ola Pū Kākou… Together we Thrive… Aloha! RD Eddie