Information for Hawaii Region Y Service Clubs Members Only

Here are some matters of interest to officers and members. Click on the blue highlights to get to the web page or document:

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If you encounter a request for a password, that means you are seeking to access protected information. If you do not know the password contact the Hawaii Region Webmaster,

Roster Book. The complete new 2018-2019 list of clubs, officers, service directors, Regional Counselors etc., plus the regional calendar, Regional Director Phil Sammerʻs goals and other information.
The rosters are occasionally updated and the latest version was updated August 10, 2018. You will need a password to open this document because it is protected to keep our personal email addresses confidential. If you do not know the password email the webmaster and you’ll get a rapid reply. Please respect that confidentiality and circulate the document only to legitimate users.

Calendar. The Hawaii Region calendar for 2018-2019. Contains events, deadlines and lots of information members and leaders will need. Print it and keep it handy.

Documents: The Hawaii Region Leadership Guidelines can be found online here.
The constitution of the Metropolitan District of the Hawaii Region is
online here.
International Constitution: The latest version (modified 2012) of the constitution of Y Service Clubs International (also known as Y’s Men International.)

New Logos, 2012.
The new official international logo no longer shows “Men’s” in the name. Two versions are available through our website. Basic triangle design and the taller version with the world globe underneath. Click for logo or logo tall. And we have added a new black and white one. Click for logo black.

Red Triangle Winners. A list of previous winners of the Order of the Red Triangle, the prestigious Hawaii Region awards for long and outstanding service to our organization.

Club Presidents’ Training Materials. June 9, 2012. How to use the Hawaii Region web pages and Facebook. And a list of those often-used but not always understood Y Service Clubs acronyms.

Y’s Men Hymn. Taken from the Hi-Y Hymn by Philip S. Morgan, 1938, and modified in 1986 by the Nuuanu Y’s Men’s Club.

The official Y’s Men’s Hymn and other information about our songs, including recordings you can listen to, can be accessed in the Y Service Clubs International website
through this link.