Y’sdom Acronyms
The latest one sounds like “Why sigh.” It’s the acronym YSCI, standing for Y Service Clubs International, and it’s just one of those many sets of initials our
organization uses every day.
Old-timers got to know most of them over the years but they can be confusing to newcomers hearing what seem like words such as ape.” (Ray Seto and Phil Sammer have each been an “ape.”)
So here’s a list to help:
AP Area President
APE Area President Elect
AS Area Secretary
ASD Area Service Director
ASF Alexander Scholarship Fund
ATC Area Travel Coordinator
BC Brother Club
BF Brotherhood Fund
BFEC Brotherhood Fund Expenditure Committee
CE Christian Emphasis
CS Community Service
DG District Governor
EF Endowment Fund
EMC Extension/Membership Committee
IBC International Brother Clubs
IC International Council
IC International Convention
ICM International Council Member
IEO International Exec.Officer
IHQ International Headquarters
IP International President
IPE International Pres. Elect
IPIP Immediate Past IP
IPRD Immediate Past Regional Director
ISD International Service Director
ISG International Secretary General
IT International Treasurer
ITC International Travel Coordinator
LDP Leadership Development Program
LTOD Leadership Training & Organizational Development
M/C Membership/Conservation
PIP Past International President
RD Regional Director
RDE Regional Director Elect
RSD Regional Service Director
RTC Regional Travel Coordinator
STEP Short-term Exchange Program
TOF Time of Fast Global Projects
YA Youth Activities
YL Y Service Clubs Liaison to YMCA
YMI Y’s Men International
YMC Y’s Men’s Clubs
YSC Y Service Club
YSCI Y Service Clubs International

If at the beginning:
I = International
A = Area
R = Region
D = District
P = Past