East Kauai's Donna Schulze Receives
Prestigious Red Triangle Award
By Lance Niimi
District Governor
Orchid-Valley Garden District

On June 18, 2015,
Donna Schulze of the East Coast Y'sMen's Club was presented the prestigious Order of the Red Triangle service award by Lance Niimi, District Governor for Hawaii Region at their monthly East Kauai Y’s Men meeting. This award is reserved for those who have served the Y’s Men and the YMCA diligently for over 20 years.
Donna is shown at left, posing with her award. I had the honor of presenting and reading the narrative submitted by
Brad Ishida, one of our Regional Counselors, nominating Donna for the prestigious award for her many years of service. It was m
ost informative and highlighted Donna’s many years of service to the YMCA and the Y’s Men. Here it is (compliment of Brad):

Order of the Red Triangle Nomination
A very fine lady indeed,
Donna Schulze has been described by many as: “beloved, amazing, joyful, fantastic, community-oriented, relentless” and “one of the nicest people”.
A reporter for The Garden Island newspaper described Donna, who is known as the “Lavender Lady of Kilauea," as a remarkable woman with glowing words in honoring Donna for her longtime dedication as a runner and fitness fanatic. Her accomplishments include having finished over 218 races, including four marathons and five half-marathons; named the recipient of Kauai’s Outstanding Senior Woman for 1997; and honored with the President Jimmy Carter 1978 award for “Jogging."
Donna is also a survivor. She will tell you herself that she is blessed to be alive today because the Good Lord brought her through a successful operation for severe aortic stenosis in 2013 at the Queen’s Medical Center, which her own doctors had deemed then as incurable at the time of diagnosis.
An esteemed volunteer for the Kauai YMCA, and a YMCA professional herself, Donna’s ties with the Y and Y’s Men’s are indelible. She has been an integral part of the East Kauai Y’s Men Club serving in every officers’ position, as well as spearheading many of the Club’s successful projects. She has also served more than once as OVG District Governor, Regional Convention Chairperson, as well as numerous times as RSD for Christian Emphasis and Community Service.
Donna, who celebrates over 40 years of Y's Men's Service in 2015, was recognized and awarded the 2007 "Boots" Fabion award. She was the first woman to receive this prestigious award awarded by the U.S. Area, since its inception in 1981. The award is given to a full-time or retired YMCA professional in recognition of outstanding leadership, dedication and service to Y'sdom
It is through Donna’s tireless efforts of sending in stories and photos to the U.S. Area, that the Hawaii Region and East Kauai Club has been featured in numerous issues of the Y’s Alliance, the U.S. Area Bulletin. A proud member of the Club, Donna remains a driving force in the background, and still attends many of the meetings and activities.
Wife of Y’s Man
George Schulze, who passed away in 2007, Donna has continued to push onward with her club and community service; and church work. She has been an encouragement to her fellow club members and will show you her favorite motto sent by a “fan”: “Winners never quit. Quitters never win.”
It is for a heartful of reasons that Donna Schulze is hereby nominated for the esteemed Order of the Red Triangle Award.
Respectfully submitted by Brad Ishida, Regional Counselor

(Webmaster's Note: Donna, who turned 90 last year, was the first female member of the East Kauai Y's Men's Club when she joined in 1976. She started work at the YMCA in 1957 and was Executive Director of the Kauai YMCA from 1975 to 1980)

Donna talks to guests at the Y's Men's function for her on June 18

There was a good turnout to honor Donna as she received the Order of the Red Triangle

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