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Windward Y Service Club
1200 Kailua Rd., Kailua, HI 96744
President: Karla Redding
Phone: 808-780-0460

New Club Bulletin: The latest Windward Y Service Club bulletin, "Windward Y'er" for May 2018, is now available. Click on the image at left to get it.

Windward at the 82nd Hawaii Region Convention. The Windward Y Service Club was busy with convention activities before, during and after the Hawaii Region Convention of Y Service Clubs International May 4-6 in Hilo. Click on the photo at left to see an album of photos of some of those activities.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 6.58.15 AM
Convention Photo Booklet. There's another publication out, a four=page booklet of photos of the Windward Y Service Club members at the 82nd Hawaii Region Convention in Hilo. To see it and print your own copy, click on the thumbnail picture at left.

Our Karaoke Star. To see a short video of Osamu "Sam" Shoji singing karaoke in Hilo, click here.

About Us:
We meet at 5 p.m. on the second Monday of each month, at the Windward YMCA, 1200 Kailua Rd.
Anyone is welcome to join us at our meetings or at any of our activities.
Aside from our steady service to our local YMCA branch, we are involved in a number of activities with organizations in our community.
We raise money for all of them and we are particularly good at producing and serving food, which we do at a number of functions.
We are a serious financial contributor to the YMCA's Annual Campaign and our liaison with the "Y" is close. One of our members serves on the local YMCA Board of Managers and the executive director of Windward YMCA, as well as a senior staffer, are fully active members of our club.
Currently we have 17 members representing a wide cross-section of our community.
Please call me at 780-0460 and I will be glad to tell you more about us.
Our dues are $80 a year, but the first year is free for any new member.
Thank you for your interest in our club.


Karla Redding

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