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Windward Y Service Club
1200 Kailua Rd., Kailua, HI 96744
President: Karla Redding
Phone: 808-780-0460

We meet at 6 p.m. on the second Monday of each month, at the Windward YMCA, 1200 Kailua Rd.
Anyone is welcome to join us at our meetings or at any of our activities.
Aside from our steady service to our local YMCA branch, we are involved in a number of activities with organizations in our community.
We raise money for all of them and we are particularly good at producing and serving food, which we do at a number of functions.
We are a serious financial contributor to the YMCA's Annual Support Campaign and our liaison with the "Y" is close. One of our members serves on the local YMCA Board of Managers and the executive director of Windward YMCA, as well as a senior staffer, are fully active members of our club.
Currently we have 17 members representing a wide cross-section of our community.
Please call me at 780-0460 and I will be glad to tell you more about us.
Our dues are $80 a year, but the first year is free for any new member.
Thank you for your interest in our club.


Karla Redding
President, 2015-2016

Next Meeting: Monday June 12, 6 p.m., Windward YMCA

Here are some articles from our latest club bulletin, "Windward Y'er."

Support Campaign Beats its $80,000 Goal

victory group
Some of our club members at the 2017 Annual Support Campaign victory celebration. From left: Ken Kadomoto, Gaye
Sulkey, Marion Liu, Jim Kanehira, Joe-Ann McCarthy, Jack McCarthy, Leigh Ann Landreth and far right, Russ Lynch.
Christie Leidholm, in the white dress, chaired this year's successful campaign.

The Windward Y Service Club played a significant role in this years Annual Support Campaign for Windward YMCA, helping the branch to beat its $80,000 goal by more than $7,000.

Our members were actively involved throughout the campaign. We provided dinner for one of the report nights and we donated $1,000 from our plant sale. This was in addition to all the work we did gathering pledges from donors and the donations we made as individuals.
Branch Executive Director Leigh Ann Landreth told the story best in her latest report to Team Windward:

News From Our YMCA
By Leigh Ann Landreth
Executive Director, Windward YMCA

Aloha Team Windward,
Many thanks to everyone who came out on March 29 to celebrate our branch’s success during our Annual Support Campaign this year!
We enjoyed some great Hawaiian food and fun fellowship with all of our volunteers and staff who worked so tirelessly over the past two months of our fundraising campaign. The Victory Celebration was a time of gratitude and appreciation for all of Team Windward. For those who could not be there with us, I wanted to share with you some highlights from the evening.
We give special thanks to our 2017 ASC Chair and Y Board Member,
Christie Leidholm, for her enthusiastic leadership to the campaign this year.
Mahalo to our Y Board team who raised $12,640 during the campaign.
Our Y Service Club members deserve much praise for raising $13,410 this year, including hosting a very successful plant sale that raised $1,000 for ASC! 
(Editor’s Note: Although she is a member of our club, Leigh Ann does not include in the Service Club total her own contribution and pledges she gathered.)
A very special THANK YOU goes out to our Leadership Team for organizing and raising funds through bake sales, the rummage sale, the ZumbaThon, musubi and shave ice sales, and direct solicitation.
Our full-time staff team raised $31,158 this year, and they are to be commended on their hard work and dedication to the campaign this year!
At our Victory Celebration, we announced our team totals and recognized several Star Campaigners for this year:
Team #1 Social Responsibility Team – Board, Service Club, & Exec
Goal: $36,000
Actual Raised: $38,573
Exceeded Goal By: $2,573
Largest Amount of Money Raised –
Dr. Paul Carry, raising $4,625
Largest Number of Pledges –
Jim Kanehira, with 16 donors, raising $3,115 (Many thanks to Jim for his speech and group singing fun on the celebration night!)
Team #2 Healthy Living Team – Membership, Wellness, Child Watch, & Property
Goal: $28,000
Actual Raised: $25,459
Just Shy of Goal By: $2,540
Largest Amount of Money Raised and Largest Number of Pledges –
Lee Deir, with 55 donors, raising $4,202, WOW!!
Honorable Mention –
Carla Joaquin, with 26 donors, raising $2,405
Team #3 Youth Development Team – Youth, Teens, & Aquatics
Goal: $16,000
Actual Raised: $23,340
Exceed Goal By: $7,340!!
Largest Amount of $ Raised –
Alice Roberts, raising $3,265 from 26 Mermaids!
Honorable Mention – Tie Between
Nani Burgess, raising $1,769, and Jackie Schmidt, raising $1,518 through our A+ Site Fundraising Efforts
Our Grand Total raised, as of March 29, was….
$87,372 on our Goal of 80K!!!

Pasted Graphic


I am so very thankful for each and every one of you for being willing to contribute your time, talents, and treasure to the YMCA and for encouraging others to do the same.
I thank you so much for your passion and dedication to helping those less fortunate.  The need is great in our community, and you have answered the call with resounding support!
Kudos to you all for a job well done!  I look forward to strengthening the Windward Y community with you in the coming years.

Thank you for all you do in service to others. Leigh Ann.

Food and Fun for ASC —

Scenes from the dinner and Annual Support Campaign report night at Round Table Pizza on March 6. Round
Table, a longtime YMCA supporter, donated part of its proceeds from all customers that night to our YMCA.

Bill and Trudy Stone were there. Heading to live in Texas soon.


Board Chair Dr. Paul Carry, Branch exec Leigh Ann Landreth, and board members Kevin Keaveney and
Christie Leidholm, 2017 campaign chair.


Kawehi Harano, Y membership director, (right) with other Windward Y people.


From our club, Ken Kadomoto, David and Gaye Sulkey, Jim Kanehira.

Massive Work Day at YMCA Camp Erdman

A total of 64 volunteers, including 52 from Y Service clubs and YMCA branches and 12 from The Society of Young Leaders of the Aloha United Way, spent a large part of Saturday March 25 painting three cabins and doing some yard work at YMCA Camp H.R. Erdman. This was a much bigger turnout than we had in the past.
(See group picture on Page 4.)
Hard work but a good time working alongside and socializing with so many like-minded YMCA-supportive people from around the island. Our club had four people there. Joe-Ann and Jack McCarthy, Marion Liu and Russ Lynch. We enjoyed ourselves, and it was worth paying for it with aches and pains over the next few days.
Camp’s catering staff made us a great box lunch too.
It was a long drive for some, about 95 miles round trip from Kailua, but the day was beautiful.
Project organizer Isaac Sakamoto of the Nuuanu Y’sMen and Women’s Club, called the service day “just awesome”
“The success in this project is measured by the coming together of people no matter what organization we represent to serve others. That was certainly done without a doubt with humbleness and thankfulness,” he said. And he thanked Camp Branch Executive Director Ron Okimoto for the opportunity to serve.
We’ll be out there again in six months.
Photo below: Volunteers pose at the end of their work day at Camp Erdman. This is not all of them! Some had already left.

camp crowd

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